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Flat Roofing

flat roof connects to main roof before job was done
1. Flat Roof is stripped down to the deck, then inspected for any rotten or damaged wood.
making positive slope on flat roof
2. Make positive slope using 2x4" or 2x6" boards (depending on size of the flat roof) to allow proper drainage of the water because we don't want any water to stay on the flat roof.
apply protection board
3. Install new plywood (thickness of the plywood depends on the contract).
apply 1st base sheet rubber
4. Install Protection board (thickness of the plywood depends on the contract).
apply 2nd cap sheet rubber
5. Torch down base sheet with sanded or thermofusible underface and a heat-welded cap sheet.
flat roof after job was done
6. Install metal flashing (colour depends on the contract).