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My leaking roof was a mess and a challenge: it was very high up, had 2 peak roofs (each with 4 layers of old shingles) and 2 flat roofs (2 layers) with no access from either the front or backyard to put a disposal bin. After meeting Jerry, the owner of GVG Roofing, I knew that he was the right roofer to go with. Nothing fazed him. I got quotes from 4 other roofing companies, but I chose Jerry because of his patience with my many questions and his integrity. He took the time to explain his work methods and materials; he went on the roof and took pictures to show me (2 roofing companies didn’t even bother to go on the roof!), he gave me references, all of whom gave glowing reviews of his work, and his price was very reasonable, considering the complexity of the job and the quality of roofing materials used.
I needed other things done to my house and wasn’t sure on how to go about it. He offered practical solutions and worked with me to make it happen. For example, the contractor who installed my bathroom did not connect the new plumbing to the stack(!). To fix that, I hired a plumber to install a new stack through the roof and a bathroom exhaust fan. Jerry worked with the plumber to make it happen, sealed them and flashed the new stack at no extra cost. His response was, “I’m up there anyway, so no problem.” I needed other work done to the house exterior to waterproof and finish the facades and, again, he offered solutions and did them without a fuss. He left the property cleaner than it was before and provided warranties for his workmanship and materials.
Jerry is reliable, has a can-do attitude and integrity plus. He knows his trade well, has skilled staff, and works very hard. You realize what a rarity that is once you’ve been taken advantage of by several dishonest, unreliable, and incompetent contractors. He keeps his word, too. When I called him to report that the rainwater was pooling inside the new eavestroughs he installed in the front of the house and was not draining out through the side downspout, he returned right away to re-align them so that the rainwater flowed properly. Now I have a dry house, a beautiful roof, and peace of mind knowing that my new roof will last me many, many years. Thank you, Jerry. And for anyone who wants their roof done properly at a decent price, call GVG Roofing. You won’t be disappointed.
- Tiffany Knowles

I recently had my roof replaced by Gerry, Roman and their team at GVG roofing. Rarely have I been so pleased with any contractor carrying out work for me! I have renovated a number of homes including full roof replacements and, being a Real Estate Broker have assisted many of my clients with roofing contractors. I only wish I had known GVG Roofing many years ago!
When I began the process of looking for a roofer to replace my somewhat complicated roof, I interview and obtained quotes from a number of roofing contractors. I was most impressed with the detailed quote that Gerry provided me with, the quality materials he use and my overall sense of his reliability, professionalism and integrity.
In addition, he suggested a number of options regarding insulation and ventilation that other contractors had not.
I felt that his quote was fair and commensurate with the workmanship and quality of materials Gerry provided. They were punctual, professional, reliable and extremely fastidious. It was a pleasure to work with them and I was absolutely delighted with the overall finished product. I would highly recommend GVG roofing to my clients, friends and colleagues.
Mary Thanks Gerry!
- M.C. Central Toronto Area

We used services of GVG Roofg Ltd. to install new roof on our house in 2008. Most important for us is service and reliability- and they possess it all. Very Professional work, always on time and very honest people. We will use their services again and will recommend them to our friends. Thank You.
- Galina and Anatoly Germatenko.

Hello Jerry,
We are very pleased with quality of your work and materials which you used for our roof. Job was done on time and everything was cleaned after.
Your solution for our flat garage roof is great success. Roof looks great and there are no more leaks.
We can highly recommend your services to other people.
Thank You!
- Voja Brkic, B.Sc.M.E.

GVG Roofing Ltd. recently carried out re-roofing of my house. The renovation work was done with minimum noise and discomfort to the neighbours, providing good protection to my property as well as the neighbours'.
They used all materials and methods from the best in the industry, and installation was all as included in their detailed estimate.
The clean-up after the work was done in an excellent manner.
I am highly impressed with their professional workmanship, and wish them all the success in their future ventures.
- Yours truly, Damodar Agarwal, B.E.,M.Tech.,M.I.E.,C.E.,G.S.C.

Dear Genadiy (Gerry),
I would like to thank you and all of your workers at GVG Roofing for an excellent job installing a new roof on our house in Mississauga, and, at our cottage at Cawaja Beach.
During both installations, your work crew worked quickly and efficiently throughout the day to complete the jobs. Guring both installations, we found all your workers to be polite, professional, and quality driven.
The clean-up, after the roofing had been completed, was very fast and efficient. I was truly surprised how everyone worked to ensure our entire property was combed and inspected for old shingles and materials, and anything found was quickly removed.
The materials that you used were top grade, but your quoted price was very reasonable. For this I truly thank you.
I have no hesitation recommending your company to any of my friends or neighbours.
- Sincerely, Roman Yasinsky

In this world of little time and little money, GVG Roofing LTD comprises of all the things that a consumer would ever want. That being a fair price, and an enthusiastic, and efficient work force. The workforce consists of professionals which will pay attention to detail and as well as time.
- Sincerely, Mike Sherafudinov.

Dear GVG Roofing,
As a small landlord for 25 years in downtown Toronto, it has been great getting to know you in the last two years. You have made my life easier. "You" means Gennadi, Roma and the whole crew. My century old houses cannot be fun to work on. The roof pitches are high and the work space around them tight and the neighbours often easy to displease. The roofs are also complex, some flats, some slate, some low-pitch, some almost vertical. In fact, I was shocked through the years to find that some companies just ran when they saw the sites. SOME companies (big-name ones) won't even touch semi-detached houses.
You guys see nothing as a problem, but only as a challenge. You have even repaired some of the bad work done by others without a moan, for which I am truly grateful. I also love how some details are worked out on a handshake, and subsequently delivered!
You are professional, and more, from start to finish, with Gennadi and Roma leading the charge and working as hard up there (perhaps harder) than the crew.
I feel I have finally found a roofing company that cares about my houses as much as I do.
In my years in Toronto, there has been a growing divide between reality and work estimates.
Estimates can vary now as much as by 250%. And the top price does not by any means guarantee top quality - all it 'guarantees' is that you are being gouged.
GVG pricing is totally 'on the mark' with fair pricing for top quality.
Keep the values and service/work ethic that you have now and you will always thrive.
- Alex Maidan